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Julie Stanchieri


If you are new to the world of family law, you will quickly find that it is a world like no other. Those of you who have been in the litigation system already know it can be extremely difficult and draining both financially and emotionally. I have often thought that when deciding which process to use to solve a family law dispute, litigation can be compared to surgery. It can be a useful tool, but it is not appropriate for most cases. Mediation is usually a far better option. It typically leads to results which are faster and more efficient than the court system. Mediation also allows us to reach creative settlements which we could never achieve in court. The process is confidential, performed either in an office or online and at the pace which is right for the parties. For separating spouses who have children, it limits the damage to their co-parenting relationship. For financial issues, we can accomplish a great deal in a short period of time and avoid the expensive process of dueling experts being cross examined in court. Overall, people tend to be happier after this process even if the final outcome is not exactly what they thought they wanted.

It is a common misperception that separation and divorce has to be hard, “a fight” and to have a winner and loser. Not all former spouses choose this approach but you probably hear less about the people who have quietly and discreetly settled in mediation. It is not as much of a story and there is not a lot of drama. I’ve seen amazing results achieved with mediation which is why I often use it in my practice a family lawyer. The experience I’ve gained in representing hundreds of clients over the years in various types of disputes in all levels of courts in Ontario as well as in mediation/arbitration has given me an ability to see where things often go wrong and what can be done to solve the issues that divide people. I have always had an appreciation for what drives people and conflict which is what has brought me to the field of family law. I am passionate about mediation because it allows me to work on solving that conflict. We can work on creative and personalized solutions because there is no one solution for everyone. I strive to help mediation clients find solutions that are right for their family. Sometimes this works for people at the start of a dispute but it can also be used for people who are already in court and who want to find a better way to solve their legal disputes.

In mediation, we focus on building agreements. It is not always easy for people to find common ground but it can and does happen even for the most high-conflict cases. If you are interested in learning more I invite you to contact my office.


  • Osgoode Hall, LL.M

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  • Family Law Arbitrator (ADRIO)


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